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New European heart disease statistics

14 February 2017

Death rates for coronary heart disease have declined by 46% in the UK since 2003, according to a new report published today by the European Heart Network

New statistics reveal that two fifths of Brits eat chocolate for three meals a day

13 February 2017

New statistics for our DECHOX campaign reveal just how obsessed we are with chocolate. Over half of Brits fail to realise just how many calories are in their favourite chocolate treats, while almost two fifths confess to eating chocolate for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Trial reveals potential new treatment for high blood pressure

10 February 2017

We comment on the results of a small clinical trial showing the benefits of a new pill to treat high blood pressure, published today in the Lancet.

Obesity leads to harmful activation of the immune system

9 February 2017

Our researchers find that obesity and a diet high in fat could lead to a harmful activation of the immune system and increase a person's risk of heart attack.

Hundreds of thousands at risk of sudden death from silent heart conditions

1 February 2017

Around 620,000 people in the UK carry a faulty gene that puts them at high risk of developing coronary heart disease or sudden death, according to our new estimates.

Scientists find 107 new blood pressure genes

30 January 2017

Researchers part-funded by the BHF have found 107 new gene regions associated with high blood pressure, potentially enabling doctors to identify at-risk patients and target treatments.

New statistics reveal how the daily grind is driving us chocolate crazy

30 January 2017

New statistics reveal a third of the UK’s workforce has ditched the diet after eating chocolate on the job. With the daily grind is driving us chocolate crazy, now is the time to ditch the sweet treats and take on a DECHOX for our life saving research into heart disease.

Heart failure survival rates show no improvement

30 January 2017

Researchers at the University of Oxford have found that survival rates for people suffering from heart failure have not improved since 1998.

£2.3 Million in funding for researchers at Swansea University

27 January 2017

One of our British Heart Foundation funded research team led by world-renowned BHF Professor Alan Williams will be based at Swansea University Medical School from this month.

International Kawasaki Disease Awareness Day

26 January 2017

Our CEO talks about the impact and scale of Kawasaki Disease, the most common cause of acquired heart disease, on International Kawasaki Disease Awareness Day.