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Latest news

Increasing number of hospital visits for heart disease and stroke

22 August 2016

The number of hospital visits due to heart disease and stroke has increased by 46,000 over the last three years.

Study paves way for steroid treatments with fewer side effects

19 August 2016

Research we part-funded could lead to an improved therapy to replace essential steroids in the body and help people with disorders of the adrenal gland whose bodies are unable to produce a class of steroids called corticosteroids.

Diabetes drug could help reduce cardiovascular disease

19 August 2016

The world’s most commonly used Type 2 diabetes drug, Metformin, may be ‘repurposed’ for non-diabetic conditions suggest research conducted at the University of Dundee, part-funded by the BHF.

Study findings could improve diagnosis of inherited heart conditions

17 August 2016

Researchers have discovered better ways to interpret the genetic information in patients tested for inherited heart conditions called cardiomyopathies, thanks to research part-funded by the British Heart Foundation. The findings could improve diagnosis of heart conditions passed down through families.

Cardiovascular disease remains Europe's biggest killer - we can beat it with research

15 August 2016

According to our new study cardiovascular disease is still the main cause of death in Europe, accounting for nearly half (45 per cent) of all deaths. But the analysis, carried out by the University of Oxford, reveals progress in Western Europe and highlights the need to continue fighting heart disease through research.

Nearly a third forget to say goodbye to loved ones

10 August 2016

It has been revealed that three-fifths of people don’t tell their partners they love them before leaving the house each morning and nearly a quarter of us don’t usually kiss our loved ones goodbye.

Moderate physical activity affects heart shape and size - important for diagnosing heart conditions

8 August 2016

Even moderate physical activity can affect the heart's size and shape according to a new study we helped to fund at the MRC Clinical Sciences Centre, Imperial College London. The findings could be important in preventing misdiagnosis of heart conditions, which can also cause changes in size and shape of the heart.

Study sheds light on link between cholesterol and diabetes

3 August 2016

Research funded by the British Heart Foundation has found that that people with naturally lower levels of LDL cholesterol have an increased risk of diabetes.

Oliver Proudlock prepares for Peruvian adventure in aid of the British Heart Foundation

3 August 2016

Oliver Proudlock, and model Emma Louise-Connolly, have started training for the BHF's Machu Picchu trek in Peru, which takes place this October.

Researchers find evidence to suggest that congenital heart disease can be inherited

2 August 2016

A team of international researchers, part-funded by the British Heart Foundation, has discovered that some cases of congenital heart disease can be inherited from a person's seemingly healthy parents.