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Developing smarter heart valves that last longer

10 December 2016

A research project aimed at developing longer lasting prosthetic heart valves could minimise the need for repeat valve replacements, thanks to a £188,000 grant we are funding. Avoiding surgical intervention would vastly improve the quality of life for people with heart valve disease.

Study highlights heart disease risk for pregnant women

7 December 2016

Pregnant women and those who have recently given birth need to be aware of the symptoms of heart disease, according to a new report from researchers at the University of Oxford.

BHF response to ICO decision

5 December 2016

Our response to news reports today about the ICO's decision on charity fundraising in relation to the BHF.

Our Supporters: 'At the heart of everything we do'

5 December 2016

Our chief executive, Simon Gillespie, explains why our supporters are at the heart of everything we do following media reports about charity fundraising.

Thousands of heart patients are missing out on cardiac rehabilitation

2 December 2016

Thousands of heart patients are missing out on cardiac rehabilitation following a heart attack, increasing their risk of suffering a fatal event, according to new figures.

BHF scientists create a patch to bypass scars caused by a heart attack

1 December 2016

An international collaboration of researchers part-funded by the BHF has successfully created a material designed to bridge the gap in the heart’s electrical signals caused by a heart attack.

NICE issues new draft guidance on reducing harmful effects of air pollution on nation's health

30 November 2016

BHF welcomes new draft guidance from the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (Nice) on reducing the harmful effects that air pollution is having on the nation's health.

British Heart Foundation Chase the Pud Sheffield cancelled

30 November 2016

We are sad to announce that Chase the Pud Sheffield on Sunday 11 December 2016 has been cancelled.

Genetic link to dangerous aneurysms could aid future treatment

29 November 2016

Thousands of lives could be saved every year after it was discovered a fatal cardiovascular condition called an abdominal aortic aneurysm could be linked to four genes, according to Leicester research we helped fund.

BHF researchers recreate genetic disease in a dish

28 November 2016

BHF researchers at the University of Cambridge have created, for the first time, blood vessel tissues in a petri dish which mimic Marfan syndrome in human arteries.