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BHF London to Brighton series of events collaborates with English Tourism Week

24 March 2017

BHF's London to Brighton series collaborates with English Tourism Week at an event on Ship Street Brighton on Tuesday 28 March 2017.

BHF response to results of cholesterol-lowering drug clinical trial

17 March 2017

Today the long-awaited results of a clinical trial for a new cholesterol-lowering drug were presented at a major cardiovascular conference in Washington.

Celebration at St James’ Palace to mark His Royal Highness The Duke of Edinburgh’s patronage of the BHF

14 March 2017

H.R.H. The Duke of Edinburgh held a special event at St James’ Palace today to celebrate over 55 years of his patronage for the British Heart Foundation.

BHF response to research finding that erectile dysfunction drugs are beneficial after heart attack

9 March 2017

Men who are prescribed phosphodiesterase-5 (PDE5) inhibitors, such as Viagra, in the years following a heart attack have a substantially lower risk of dying or being hospitalised for heart failure.

The BHF and NHS England launches service to prevent heart attacks across West Midlands

8 March 2017

The BHF and NHS England launches country’s first region-wide service to prevent heart attacks across West Midlands.

Post-mortem suggests George Michael had heart condition

7 March 2017

A coroner’s report has concluded that a heart condition called dilated cardiomyopathy and heart inflammation known as myocarditis may have contributed to the death of George Michael.

Leading organisations call for overhaul of cardiac arrest treatment

6 March 2017

Leading organisations call for overhaul of cardiac arrest treatment.

Study reveals important new target for high blood pressure treatment

6 March 2017

New more effective treatments for high blood pressure could be possible thanks to the discovery that the nitric oxide that regulates blood pressure is formed in nerves rather than in the walls of blood vessels.

New hope for deep vein thrombosis patients

2 March 2017

Researchers at the University of Birmingham have found a new target for drugs to prevent dangerous blood clots in the legs, thanks to our funding.

The BHF responds to new study which finds Pacemakers may react to electrical appliances

28 February 2017

A new American study has found that, when used in very close proximity to the body, everyday household appliances and electrical tools can interfere with a pacemaker’s ability to regulate heartbeats.