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We call on Government to introduce tobacco levy to support Stop Smoking Services

29 May 2015

Today we are calling on the Government to introduce a levy on tobacco companies that will be used to help people quit smoking in response to new national statistics.

New research claims hidden sugar in supposedly healthy snacks

29 May 2015

Our Senior Dietitian, Victoria Taylor, responds to new research released which reveals the high amounts of hidden sugar in supposedly healthy snacks targeted at children.

Eggs and cholesterol

26 May 2015

Our Senior Dietitian Victoria Taylor responds to news stories on eggs and cholesterol

Four Years of Mending Broken Hearts

24 May 2015

Our Medical Director Professor Peter Weissberg talks about four years of progress of the Mending Broken Hearts Appeal

Joanne Ward on Mending Broken Hearts

24 May 2015

Mum-of-two Joanne talks about what the progress of our Mending Broken Heart's Appeal means to her

Teaching an old drug new tricks

22 May 2015

BHF-funded researchers at the University of Oxford are using a drug from the 1950s as a new treatment for heart failure

Join the fight against heart disease and Type 2 diabetes

21 May 2015

The Big Collection is back and together with Diabetes UK we are appealing for volunteers to help raise money at their local Tesco supermarket.

Researchers discover new way to regenerate hearts after a heart attack

20 May 2015

Researchers at the University of Oxford, part funded by the British Heart Foundation, have identified a new way to regenerate the heart after a heart attack bringing the UK’s half a million heart failure sufferers hope for a cure.

Coronary heart disease is leading cause of avoidable deaths

20 May 2015

Coronary heart disease (CHD) is the leading single cause of avoidable death, according to the latest statistics from the Office for National Statistics.

Statins reduce stroke risk in older people, suggests study

19 May 2015

A French study, published in The BMJ, that followed almost 7,500 healthy people over 65 suggests that statins reduce stroke risk in this population by 30 per cent. We comment on the findings here.