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We help train thousands of people in CPR on Restart a Heart Day

18 October 2016

Thousands of people die every year because people are not carrying out life saving CPR on cardiac arrest victims before emergency services arrive, according to our new research

Nationwide Building Society branch manager saves a young man's life thanks to CPR training

17 October 2016

A Nationwide Building Society branch manager from Motherwell saved a young man’s life by performing lifesaving CPR just months after being trained through the British Heart Foundation's partnership with the company.

Social inequality linked to heart disease risk in women

13 October 2016

New research from the University of Oxford, part-funded by the BHF, suggests social inequalities are linked to an increased risk of heart disease in women.

Study finds clue to link between maternal obesity and high blood pressure in children

13 October 2016

A study part-funded by us at King's College London, has given us a new understanding of the cause of increased blood pressure in the children of women with diet-induced obesity.

Research uncovers exactly when our heart first starts to beat

11 October 2016

A team part-funded by us at the University of Oxford have demonstrated earlier beating of the heart in mouse embryos. In the study researchers looked at the developing mouse heart and found that the muscle started to contract as soon as it formed the cardiac crescent – an early stage in heart development.

Fundraisers raise vital funds in the fight against heart disease

11 October 2016

Thousands of generous fundraisers across the UK have joined the fight against heart disease by raising over £1.7m for the BHF's life saving research through it Do Your Own Thing campaign.

Stem cell therapy regenerates primate hearts

10 October 2016

Research published today in the journal Nature has shown that stem cells from macaques can be used to regenerate the damaged hearts of other macaques following a heart attack.

7 out of 10 people die globally of non-communicable diseases

7 October 2016

Seven out of ten people worldwide now die of non-communicable diseases, including heart disease, according to new research published today in The Lancet.

New research exploring heart disease link with painkillers for arthritis

5 October 2016

A new study has been published in the European Heart Journal examining whether or not there is an increased heart disease risk if patients switch from non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) to a medication called celecoxib.

BHF-funded researchers step out of their labs and into their trainers at Blenheim Palace

3 October 2016

Three University of Oxford researchers, funded by the British Heart Foundation, swapped their lab coats for sports gear on 2 October as they took part in the charity’s Blenheim Palace Running event.