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Latest news

Mediterranean diet cuts heart disease risk, says new research

29 September 2016

New research shows Mediterranean diet lowers the risk of heart disease, supporting previous research on the topic

Common prescription painkillers linked to increased risk of heart failure

29 September 2016

A study published today in The BMJ has found that commonly used prescribed painkillers, used to treat pain and inflammation, are associated with an increased risk of hospitalisation for heart failure.

Our heart age tool reveals four in five people have hearts older than their actual age

29 September 2016

According to our research nearly 80 per cent of people over the age of 30 have a heart older than their actual age, putting them at higher risk of a potentially fatal heart attack or stroke.

Researchers grow blood vessels in the lab to treat congenital heart disease

27 September 2016

Researchers from the USA have successfully created blood vessels in the laboratory that will grow as the heart grows. It is hoped that these vessels will eventually be able to be used to treat children born with congenital heart disease.

Our research leads to milestone in cardiac screening for high risk families

23 September 2016

The largest NHS-based centre to identify genetic causes of heart disease has welcomed its 10,000th family. The Oxford Medical Genetics Laboratory at the Churchill Hospital provides an inherited heart conditions service made possible by BHF-funded research.

Cricketers raise vital funds for fight against heart disease

22 September 2016

The world's best cricketers have joined the fight against heart disease to help raise vital funds for our research.

New tool to identify people at risk of coronary heart disease

21 September 2016

New ‘genetic risk scores’ could pave the way for earlier intervention and lifestyle changes to prevent heart attacks, according to an international research collaboration involving the University of Leicester.

New figures show twice as many ex-smokers than smokers currently living in England

20 September 2016

Smoking rates in England reach lowest levels on record as Public Health England launch fifth annual Stoptober campaign.

BHF Ambassador Pippa Middleton releases heart-healthy recipe book

19 September 2016

BHF Ambassador Pippa Middleton releases heart-healthy recipe book. It will be sold on Amazon and in all BHF shops.