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UK rates of obesity among worst in Europe

28 November 2017

Rising obesity rates and uncontrolled cholesterol levels may cause resurgence in rates of heart attacks and strokes.

Exeter scientists to investigate obesity paradox

27 November 2017

Scientists at the University of Exeter are to explore why some overweight people are less likely to develop heart disease than others.

Blood vessel growth study to help fight heart disease

27 November 2017

Scientists at the University of East Anglia are studying the formation of blood vessels to help improve the treatment of heart attacks.

Salvage Style Sessions with London Design Festival

24 November 2017

In September 2017, we partnered with London Design Festival (LDF) to showcase how to create statement pieces for your home through our series of upcycling videos which were presented by our influencers, TV Presenter and Upcycler Max McMurdo and Refurbisher of Second-Hand Vintage Furniture, Emily Rose Vintage.

Extra winter heart disease deaths rise to 7,400

24 November 2017

There were 7,400 extra winter deaths from heart disease and strokes between December 2016 and March 2017, according to new statistics. This was an increase of 1,600, up from 5,800 extra winter deaths during winter 2015-2016.

Children with heart disease being let down by lack of clinical trials

23 November 2017

Less than one per cent of UK children born with congenital heart disease are enrolled in clinical trials looking to improve treatments, according to research we've funded.

23% increase in heart failure patients since 2002

22 November 2017

New research shows that Heart failure is now as common in the UK as the four most common types of cancer combined. Researchers funded funded by the British Heart Foundation and National Institute for Health Research from The George Institute for Global Health at the University of Oxford, looked at the records of four million patients and found heart failure increased by 23% between 2002 and 2014. There work is published today in The Lancet

Exercise for the over 65s - it's never too late to get active

22 November 2017

It is well known that regular physical exercise has major health benefits. Recently published research has shown a benefit for even a small amount of exercise in people over 65.

Drug could put an end to transplant rejection

21 November 2017

A diabetes drug currently undergoing development could be repurposed to help end transplant rejection, without the side-effects of current immunosuppressive drugs, according to new research that we've funded.

Congenital heart disease forces six in ten parents to work less or give up job

20 November 2017

New statistics released by the British Heart Foundation (BHF) show the true cost of congenital heart disease on UK families as parents reveal the challenges they face for the charity’s Christmas Appeal.