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Hands-only CPR returns in LEGO

9 February 2014

Our Hands-only CPR advert is returning to the screen as you've never seen it before.

First-borns may have a greater body mass index than second-borns

6 February 2014

Researchers have found an association with waist measurements.

New figures on weight should be catalyst for action

4 February 2014

New data shows too many of us weight too much.

High blood pressure around the world

4 February 2014

Researchers look at the global risk high blood pressure poses to health.

Are we too sweet on sugar?

4 February 2014

Researchers claim an association between cardiovascular disease and sugar.

Think healthily, eat Mediterranean

4 February 2014

New research supports what we know about the health benefits of a Mediterranean diet.

Vodka is ‘major cause’ of early death among Russian men, says study

31 January 2014

Oxford research, part-funded by us, finds that vodka is major cause of early death in Russian men.

Lords get behind our call to ban smoking in cars carrying children

30 January 2014

Exposure to second-hand smoke is a cause of heart disease, so we are calling for a ban on smoking in cars with children.

Improving healthcare for heart patients

24 January 2014

Simon Gillespie on what BHF Nurses and programmes offer our health service.

Smaller baby growth may be associated with heart risk in later life

24 January 2014

How a baby grows in the womb may affect heart health later in life.