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Regular activity boosts children’s heart health

21 November 2013

Research shows that regularly active children have better heart health.

Walking could reduce stroke risk in older men

14 November 2013

Study suggests daily walk reduces stroke risk in older men.

Resting pulse rates of UK children on the rise

14 November 2013

Research highlights a link to an increased risk of heart problems.

One in four of UK’s workforce suffering ill health

13 November 2013

Our research into worker wellbeing shows bosses must prioritise employee health.

Can we predict a heart attack?

11 November 2013

A new imaging technique could find people at highest risk of heart attack.

Text Santa presenters announced

8 November 2013

Presenter line-up for Text Santa, ITV’s annual charity appeal, is announced.

Reducing heart disease risk in people with diabetes

6 November 2013

BHF-funded research could help reduce heart disease risk in people with diabetes.

Healthy diet

5 November 2013

Research says it could hold key to a longer healthier life.

Working together to keep kids active

30 October 2013

More needs to be done to create sporting habits for life.

Active lifestyles are the best for the heart

29 October 2013

New research says everyday activities could help reduce your risk of heart attack.