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Using tick saliva to treat a deadly heart condition

27 June 2017

Proteins found in tick saliva could be used to treat a dangerous type of heart disease which can cause sudden cardiac death in young adults.

The BHF supports launch to raise awareness of Kawasaki Disease

26 June 2017

The British Heart Foundation (BHF) is supporting the launch of a new animated video developed by Societi to raise awareness of Kawasaki Disease, a type of congenital heart disease.

Our Chief Executive on Brexit negotiations and future of medical research

23 June 2017

Simon Gillespie, Chief Executive of the British Heart Foundation, talks about the importance of the Brexit negotiations to the future of medical research and the fight against heart disease.

Action needed to prevent confusion over medicines

21 June 2017

Only about a third (37%) of the public trust evidence from medical research, compared to approximately two-thirds (65%) who trust the experiences of their friends and family, according to a report by the Academy of Medical Sciences, part-funded by us.

Babies' DNA affects mothers' risk of preeclampsia

21 June 2017

Some features in a baby’s DNA can increase the risk of its mother developing pre-eclampsia – a potentially dangerous condition in pregnancy - according to a study that we've part-funded.

Duchess of York visits Huddersfield British Heart Foundation shop

19 June 2017

The Duchess of York surprised staff at the British Heart Foundation's Huddersfield shop by popping in to find out a bit more about the work they do and the vital research the BHF helps to fund.

Research shows broken heart syndrome causes long lasting heart damage

16 June 2017

A condition once thought to temporarily cause heart failure in people who experience severe stress might actually cause longer-lasting damage to the heart muscle, according to new research that we've funded.

Three quarters of UK adults unaware of impact of air pollution on the heart

15 June 2017

Eight in ten of the UK’s 40,000 annual deaths related to air pollution are caused by a heart attack or stroke, however data released today has revealed that three out of four adults are unaware of the extent of the impact that air pollution can have on the heart.

BHF pays tribute to Professor Andrew Henderson OBE

15 June 2017

The BHF has today paid tribute to former BHF Professor and leading cardiologist, Professor Andrew Henderson OBE, who died on Thursday 8 June, aged 86.

Daily aspirin use linked to increased risk of bleeding

14 June 2017

In people aged 75 or over, long-term daily aspirin use is linked to a higher than expected risk of bleeding, according to a new study in The Lancet.