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Over three quarters of people in England say they would support changing the law for organ donation

21 February 2018

Over three quarters of people in England say they would support changing the law for organ donation. The BHF is urging people to ask their local MP to attend parliament this Friday to vote in favour of an ‘opt-out’ organ donation system.

Thousands of people at risk of preventable heart attacks and strokes

20 February 2018

New figures from The Stroke Association and the British Heart Foundation (BHF) show that detection and treatment of high blood pressure and atrial fibrillation (AF), both risk factors for stroke and heart attack, are falling behind current NICE guidelines.

How repairing a broken volume switch could help people with heart failure

20 February 2018

We're funding a study to repair a broken link to nerve cells that exacerbates damage caused by cardiovascular disease.

Rapid air pollution increases as harmful as sustained exposure, according to new research

16 February 2018

Rapid increase in pollution may be as harmful to the heart as sustained high levels, according to new research published in the European Journal of Preventive Cardiology.

Belfast scientist awarded £250,000 for heart failure research

14 February 2018

Researchers we fund at Queen’s University, Belfast have been awarded are to investigate if a protein they have identified could be used to diagnose and treat heart failure patients

The BHF smashes Guinness World Records title in show of solidarity for heart patients

14 February 2018

The BHF has smashed the Guinness World Records title with almost 18,000 heartfelt messages united in world’s longest chain of paper hearts, in show of solidarity for heart patients.

Every minute counts when it comes to heart attack treatment

14 February 2018

New research shows every minute counts for patients who suffer the most severe type of heart attack.

Scientists to determine longer-term effects of weight loss programmes

13 February 2018

Researchers will carry out a review to determine the long-term effects of programmes involving diet and exercise on weight and overall health.

Fighting heart disease across borders - announcing a €12 million partnership with German scientists

12 February 2018

Today we announced we will be investing in a €12 million partnership with the German Centre for Cardiovascular Research.

The Beating Hearts Ball online auction is now open to raise money for life saving research

8 February 2018

The British Heart Foundation has launched its exclusive online auction with luxury items and once-in-a-lifetime experiences ahead of The Beating Hearts Ball at The Guildhall on Tuesday 20 February.