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Brits in hibernation with quarter not leaving the office for days

19 March 2018

We are urging the nation to snap out of their winter blues, as new figures show that two thirds (62%) of Brits are holed up indoors, spending a maximum of two hours outdoors in an average working day.

How we are working to close the gender pay gap

19 March 2018

We've published a report setting out what we're doing to close the gender pay gap at The British Heart Foundation.

Premature hearts less able to cope with exercise

19 March 2018

The hearts of people born prematurely are less able to cope with the pressures of exercise in adulthood, according to a new study published in the Journal of the American College of Cardiology and part-funded by us.

Weak handshake could be sign of a failing heart

14 March 2018

Weak handshake could be sign of a failing heart. Hand grip strength could be used as a simple measure of heart health, according to new research published today in PLOS ONE and funded by the BHF.

Tests can give families of SADS victims a life saving diagnosis

14 March 2018

New research suggests extensive tests can diagnose hidden inherited heart conditions in families of SADS victims.

Number of known stroke risk genes tripled

13 March 2018

An international team of researchers has identified 22 new genetic risk factors for stroke, tripling the number of genes known to increase stroke risk.

Scientists to investigate cause of heart defects in children

12 March 2018

Scientists at the University of Oxford will try to identify new reasons why children are born with heart defects. Dr Duncan Sparrow has been awarded £941,000 by the British Heart Foundation (BHF) to set up a research team to determine how environmental factors can cause abnormalities in how the heart develops.

The Mac Twins hit ground running for marathon challenge

12 March 2018

TV personalities and top DJs The Mac Twins are supporting the British Heart Foundation by taking on their first ever Virgin Money London Marathon.

Birmingham scientists to study how a garden plant could help heart patients

12 March 2018

Birmingham researchers awarded project grant to explore use of digoxin, found in foxgloves, for heart failure and atrial fibrillation treatments.

Research highlights the urgent need for better diagnosis of deadly inherited heart conditions

9 March 2018

New figures released by the BHF show that people with inherited heart conditions are often not diagnosed until a life-threatening cardiac arrest or sudden death in the family.