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New Life Science Strategy launched in the UK

30 August 2017

The UK should invest hundreds of millions of pounds in high-risk research programmes, according to the Government's new Life Sciences Industrial Strategy.

Exercise in middle age could be key to reducing stroke risk

29 August 2017

People who exercise in their middle-age are less likely to suffer a stroke, according to research that was presented at the European Society of Cardiology congress today.

Oxford scientists to investigate new early warning scan for heart attacks

29 August 2017

Doctors could soon be able to use a special imaging technique to find people at risk of a heart attack.

Anti-inflammatory drug could reduce risk of second heart attack

27 August 2017

An anti-inflammatory drug, called canakinumab, could reduce a person's chance of suffering further heart attacks according to research presented today at the ESC congress.

Eating too much salt is associated with risk of heart failure

27 August 2017

Eating too much salt is associated with a doubled risk of heart failure, according to a 12-year study in more than 4,000 people presented today at the ESC Congress in Barcelona.

Top 10 quirkiest fundraisers of the year

24 August 2017

What are the top ten quirky fundraisers for the BHF? Find out about mountaineering in bridal wear and more ways in which supporters have raised money to fund BHF research.

Researchers develop new scan to predict stroke

24 August 2017

Researchers at the University of Oxford have developed a new type of MRI scan to predict the risk of having a stroke, thanks to funding from the British Heart Foundation.

Bristol scientists to study oral bacteria that cause heart infection

21 August 2017

Scientists at the University of Bristol are investigating how bacteria in our mouth can cause a heart problem, called infective endocarditis

BHF and The FA call on football clubs to install lifesaving defibrillators

21 August 2017

The British Heart Foundation (BHF) and The Football Association (The FA) are calling on grassroots and amateur football clubs in England to help save more lives from cardiac arrests by installing lifesaving defibrillators.

Third of Brits cannot remember last time they took up a new hobby

15 August 2017

Nine in ten British adults have given up at least one hobby from their childhood and almost a third (31%) can’t remember the last time they took up a new one or tried something different, according to new statistics released by the BHF.