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Portion Distortion

19 October 2013

Our new report lifts the lid the problem of portion sizes.

We must get portion sizes under control

19 October 2013

Our Chief Executive talks about the need for an urgent review into portion sizes.

Housework isn’t enough to keep you healthy

18 October 2013

Some of us may be overestimating how much exercise we're getting, because we count our household chores.

Patient data will improve quality of care

16 October 2013

NHS England has announced details of a new scheme that will use patient information to improve care.

'My boat capsized in Tesco'

16 October 2013

Cardiac arrest survivor John Gill shares his poem about the moment Hands-only CPR saved his life.

'I realised I didn’t want to be an artist'

15 October 2013

On Ada Lovelace day we announce our latest professor, Rhian Touyz.

“Suddenly we were face to face”

15 October 2013

Read Shannon and Kate's story and place your vote for the British Heart Foundation.

“I found out I had a heart murmur when I fell in love"

11 October 2013

Vivinne charts her weight loss journey.

"I’d always hated talking about my heart condition. But sometimes you need to talk."

10 October 2013

Read how Josh, a teenager with a heart condition, found his voice.

Larger health warnings for cigarette boxes but no slims ban

8 October 2013

MEPs have voted for larger health warnings on cigarette packs but have rejected a ban on slims.