Executive pay

The British Heart Foundation’s vision is for a world in which people do not die prematurely or suffer from cardiovascular disease. The BHF raises almost £150m per annum, including the profit from our shops, and we invest approximately £100m of that into cardiovascular research and £30m in non-research charitable activity. 

It is essential for the BHF to have credible leaders who bring professional expertise, significant leadership experience and strong capability to develop and grow the organisation to be world class. Having a competitive reward offering is one of the many ways in which the BHF can secure the very best people to deliver our ambitious targets and fight for every heartbeat.

The BHF has a clear and transparent policy that not only ensures the selection and retention of high calibre leaders but also ensures our donors, supporters, staff, volunteers, beneficiaries and public recognise the importance of accountability in all aspects of our work including the determination of pay and benefits of the senior team.

The Board of Trustees is responsible for defining BHF’s Executive Group Pay Policy and deciding on the salaries of the Chief Executive and the Executive Group Directors. The Board delegates this responsibility to the Remuneration Committee which is chaired by Denise Collis, an independent non-executive, senior Human Resources specialist who is not a trustee of the BHF. In the financial year 2018 to 2019 our Chief Executive’s total remuneration was £211,105, which consists of a basic salary, a cash payment in lieu of pension, and taxable benefits. His basic salary of £183,475 was below the median of the top 100 salaries in the charity sector according to Third Sector’s 2019 charity pay survey. More information about pay ranges for our senior staff is in our Annual Report and Accounts.

Our Executive Pay Principles

Our approach is to pay a fair salary to attract and retain skilled and expert senior leaders for the BHF. Salaries and benefits should be competitive within the charity sector, proportionate to the complexity of each role and responsible in line with our charitable objectives. To achieve this our Executive Group Pay Policy aims to:

  • Pay the median range for similar organisations in the UK Charity sector market but not to compete on salaries with the public or private sectors
  • Ensure performance is reviewed and reported to the Remuneration Committee on an annual basis
  • Apply Performance related pay elements only where required by the relevant market sector
  • Monitor charity sector trends through appropriate surveys

Read our Executive Group Pay Policy.