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Six volunteers paving the way to beat heart and circulatory disease

19 September 2019

We have worked with some of our most inspiring volunteers from across the organisation to produce a photo series that shares their personal reasons for getting involved.

BHF Cardiovascular Research Centre hosts Aortic Dissection Awareness Day UK

19 September 2019

Aortic Dissection Awareness UK & Ireland has awarded the BHF Cardiovascular Research Centre at the University of Leicester for the research into aortic diseases, by giving it the honour of hosting its annual Aortic Dissection Awareness Day on the 19th September.

New BHF report finds young people are more interested in volunteering than older generations

16 September 2019

Our national survey reveals young people are more interested in volunteering than any other age group, despite what people might think. Our report also uncovers the personal benefits of volunteering, such as tackling loneliness, improving mental health and providing valuable work experience.


10 September 2019

BHF-funded researcher Pablo Lamata partners with artists in creation of the Kalostasis installation for the London Design Festival at the V&A Museum.

NHS England announces review into access to statins

5 September 2019

NHS chief executive Simon Stevens said powerful statins could be given to patients by pharmacists without a prescription.

New AI technology for advanced heart attack prediction

4 September 2019

BHF researchers develop a heart ‘fingerprint’ to tailor personalised treatment for people at high risk of deadly heart attack.

Twice yearly cholesterol jab shows promise

3 September 2019

A new gene silencing drug could be used to lower ‘bad-cholesterol’ in the blood according to new findings presented at the European Society of Cardiology conference in Paris.

A life of low cholesterol and BP slashes heart and circulatory disease risk

2 September 2019

Countless heart attacks and strokes could be prevented with sustained drop in cholesterol and blood pressure.

Heart plaster helps repair heart after surgery

2 September 2019

BHF researchers have developed a bioactive stem cell delivery plaster which would be used during heart surgery, to help repair damaged hearts.

Heart attack blood test allows healthy patients to go home earlier

1 September 2019

An early rule-out pathway for heart attack reduces length of stay and hospital admissions according to research presented at the European Society of Cardiology conference in Paris.