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Study in Birmingham could lead to better detection of people with irregular heart rhythm

11 January 2019

Researchers have found that a simple blood test could be used to screen certain patients for a heart condition known as atrial fibrillation (AF).

Long term plan for NHS in England 'a significant and welcome step'

7 January 2019

NHS England's ten year plan included a number of significant measures in the fight against heart and circulatory disease.

Government confirms plans to teach CPR in schools

3 January 2019

The Education Secretary Damian Hinds has today confirmed plans to add life saving CPR to the school curriculum in England.

Less than half of those eligible in England take NHS test to prevent dementia

31 December 2018

Less than half of the 15 million people in England eligible for a dementia-reducing NHS health check have actually taken the test, according to NHS England.

Scientists discover possible explanation for broken heart syndrome

27 December 2018

BHF-funded researchers have identified the body’s own immune system as a potential key player in a mysterious heart condition.

Half a million pounds awarded to data scientists researching heart disease

20 December 2018

The British Heart Foundation and The Alan Turing Institute have awarded six research grant applications through a joint funding scheme, totalling over £550,000.

Excess winter deaths caused by heart and circulatory diseases increase by 55%

20 December 2018

An additional 11,500 people died last winter due to heart and circulatory diseases in England and Wales, when compared to numbers seen during the rest of the year, according to the British Heart Foundation’s analysis of new statistics released by the Office for National Statistics.

New regional service identifies more than 100 people living with life-threatening inherited condition

10 December 2018

A service in the West Midlands that identifies people living with familial hypercholesterolaemia (FH) has diagnosed 131 people living with the life-limiting inherited condition since launching last year.

Higher statins dose and proper adherence would prevent thousands of heart attacks and strokes

8 December 2018

New research suggests that proper adherence to stains and higher doses for those at high risk would prevent thousands of heart attacks and strokes

Scientists make significant leap in heart transplant research

7 December 2018

New research published in Nature this month reveals a baboon transplanted with a genetically-modified pig heart can survive for up to six months – the longest recorded survival in history.