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The BHF and Plan S open access

19 March 2019

The British Heart Foundation supports Plan S but requires further consultation with the research community.

Research in Leicester will test new treatment target for sepsis

19 March 2019

New research we have funded at the University of Leicester could identify new treatments for sepsis, a life-threatening condition that kills thousands of people each year.

Researchers at Manchester Metropolitan University pioneer new methods to understand heart and circulatory disease

18 March 2019

A new NC3Rs & BHF grant will allow scientists at Manchester Metropolitan University to develop a new way to study the formation of dangerous blood clots.

Eggs linked to heart disease and death, study suggests

15 March 2019

High levels of dietary cholesterol, like those found in eggs, are linked to an increased risk of heart and circulatory disease, or even death, according to a new study published in JAMA.

Olivia Arben announced as BHF Ambassador

15 March 2019

BHF hosted an intimate dinner at Sushi Samba to announce model Olivia Arben as an official Ambassador.

BHF gender pay gap figures are well below national average

14 March 2019

These are the BHF's gender pay gap figures for last year, which have come out as well below national average. This also addresses next steps to reduce the figures even further.

Public Health England outlines measures needed to improve air quality across the UK

11 March 2019

The health body Public Health England (PHE) has today published a review of evidence on how to improve air quality in the United Kingdom.

Potential new heart attack treatment

7 March 2019

Researchers part-funded by the British Heart Foundation have found a potential new way to treat heart attacks

BHF awards £34m to top universities, helping to safeguard UK’s world-class research status

4 March 2019

We've awarded £34m in grants to support world-class heart and circulatory research at the UK's top universities. The awards empower universities to attract and nurture the very best talent and enable the agility needed to exploit new ideas and technologies.

Smartphone ECG could be used in A&E to detect serious heart conditions

4 March 2019

A smartphone-based ECG recorder is five times more effective at diagnosing heart rhythm problems than standard tests, according to new research.