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New diabetes patient diagnosed every 3 minutes, analysis shows

1 April 2019

New analysis has shown that one person is diagnosed with type 2 diabetes every three minutes in England and Wales.

New hospital funding in Birmingham to detect deadly heart condition

1 April 2019

More people in the West Midlands will be screened for a deadly inherited heart condition called HCM thanks to new funding from the Miles Frost Fund and the BHF.

BHF commits to moving towards zero emission vans

26 March 2019

We've made a significant step in the fight against air pollution by signing up to the Clean Van Commitment (CVC).

New Sheffield research could help to develop preventative treatments for heart disease

25 March 2019

Researchers at the University of Sheffield are studying if ‘turning off’ a protein helps to prevent heart attacks & strokes with funding from the British Heart Foundation

Dr Hazel Wallace announced as BHF ambassador

25 March 2019

Dr Hazel Wallace aka. The Food Medic is officially announced as BHF ambassador. On Saturday, Hazel got to meet our One Beat Members at a cookery workshop.

Algae could prevent limb amputation

20 March 2019

A new algae-based treatment could reduce the need for amputation in people with critical limb ischaemia, according to new research funded by the British Heart Foundation.

Health secretary urges national debate on ethics of genomic medicine

20 March 2019

The Health Secretary Matt Hancock today urged a national debate on the ethics around genomic medicine, as he revealed that he has recently undergone a genetic test.

The BHF and Plan S open access

19 March 2019

The British Heart Foundation supports Plan S but requires further consultation with the research community.

Research in Leicester will test new treatment target for sepsis

19 March 2019

New research we have funded at the University of Leicester could identify new treatments for sepsis, a life-threatening condition that kills thousands of people each year.

Researchers at Manchester Metropolitan University pioneer new methods to understand heart and circulatory disease

18 March 2019

A new NC3Rs & BHF grant will allow scientists at Manchester Metropolitan University to develop a new way to study the formation of dangerous blood clots.