New £1million Hope for Hearts Fund to help transform heart failure care

19 August 2019        

Category: Survival and support

We’ve opened applications for a £1million fund to transform the way heart failure services are delivered in the UK.

Hope for Hearts FundOur Hope for Hearts Fund aims to test innovative approaches to delivering better heart failure care and services.

We’re encouraging innovators to partner with heart failure specialists and patients to help develop and put in place new ideas to solve old problems.

A complex challenge

Heart failure, a long-term incurable condition which means your heart can’t pump blood effectively as it should, poses a growing and increasingly complex challenge to the NHS.

In the last 10 years, hospital visits for heart failure have risen by 60 per cent.

We are challenging the nation’s healthcare pioneers to think how innovation could radically improve heart failure care.

This might include more effective use of technology and data, new service models or new ways of engaging patients in their own care.

We’re proud to have worked in partnership with the British Society of Heart Failure (BSH) to set up the Hope for Hearts Fund.

Up to £1million is available in total, which includes a $1m voluntary donation from Novartis, supplemented by our charitable funds.

Applications open today and the closing date is 12pm on November 28, 2019.

Forget the status quo

Jacob West, Director of Healthcare Innovation at the BHF, said: “The country is facing a heart failure crisis.

“Patients with heart failure often have a poor quality of life. Numbers are also rising, and this has a significant impact on hospitals and other care services.

“We want the Hope for Hearts Fund to inspire the country’s innovators to tackle these issues head on.

“This is not about maintaining the status quo. We want to encourage practical new ideas that can help patients with heart failure to live better, longer lives.”

Dr Paul Kalra, Chair at the British Society for Heart Failure (BSH), said: “This enterprise is the result of a great deal of effort on the part of the BSH and BHF.”

He added: “We feel sure the projects funded through Hope for Hearts will be successful and will be followed by further innovations.”

NHS Medical Director Professor Stephen Powis welcomed the fund and said: “The Hope for Hearts Fund is a great opportunity for health professionals to promote innovation and inspire the spread of the very best new ideas to tackle and treat heart failure on behalf of patients.”