Intermediate Clinical Research Fellowships

To provide a career opportunity in an established research institution in the UK for individuals with an established research record who intend to become leaders in academic medical research.


  • The BHF will be moving to a new research Grants Management System in January 2020.
  • We will no longer be accepting applications through the current GMS for Intermediate Clinical Research Fellowships after the 31st of October 2019.
  • If you have started an application but are unable to submit it by the deadline, please save a copy of the PDF for future use.

Entry requirements

  • Successful PhD (or MD) plus NTN and at least two years completed specialist training, but usually no more than two years after CCT.
  • NTN will be exchanged for NTN(A) on appointment, and the individual may progress to consultant level during the fellowship.

Grant overview

  • Five years duration, with the possibility of a two year extension (more information about applying for an extension to a fellowship can be found here).  
  • Part of the award may be spent overseas subject to a justified case being made.
  • In the established UK-based home institution, the candidate must have the support of a named senior investigator who will guarantee access to space and resources and provide scientific guidance for the duration of their fellowship. This individual should be named on the application form as a 'Supervisor' and provide an appropriate letter of support as part of the application.
  • In an overseas/second UK institution, the candidate must additionally have the support of a named senior investigator who will guarantee access to space and resources and provide scientific guidance for the duration of the stay. This individual should provide an appropriate letter of support as part of the application.
  • The fellowship may be taken up on a part-time employment basis, where appropriate, following discussion and agreement with us and the employing institution. For more information, read about our Flexible working policies.

Award may include

  • Salary of applicant (if after CCT, normally up to 10 PAs).
  • Salary for technician or research assistant if required and fully justified.
  • Research consumables, directly attributable to the project. Consumables will not normally be provided overseas; facilities should be provided by the host department.
  • Research equipment essential for the project. Equipment will not be provided overseas; facilities must be provided by the host department.

For overseas visits of up to six months:

  • Economy class travel expenses for the fellow only.
  • A justified subsistence allowance.

For overseas visits of more than six months:

  • One return economy fare for the fellow and immediate family.
  • A reasonable contribution to healthcare insurance (e.g. applicable to USA).
  • Housing contribution up to £3,000.

How to apply

Additional information

You will be asked to attach a single PDF document to your online application form containing the following information:

  1. For resubmissions, include an unedited copy of the original feedback followed by a detailed response, limited to 3 sides of A4, explaining how the revised application has changed from the original submission.
  2. Abstract of the proposed investigation in 200 words or less.
  3. Background to the project and pilot data.
  4. Original hypothesis.
  5. Experimental details and design of proposed investigation.
  6. If requesting funding for a clinical study, include all information listed in the Clinical Study Guidelines (Interventional Study) or in the Clinical Study Guidelines (Observational Study)If you do not provide the information outlined in the guidelines, your application may be returned without formal consideration.
  7. Power calculations.
  8. Expected value of results.
  9. List of references relevant to the proposed project.
  10. The contribution to be made by each co-applicant and collaborator (maximum of one A4 side).
  11. Full CV of the applicant, including list of publications, statement of career intentions and email address.
  12. Appendices should be a maximum of 3 sides of A4 containing only tables or figures essential to the understanding of the application. Research papers whether published, in press or in preparation may not be attached (although hyperlinks can be provided).
  13. Letter of support from the Head of Department.
  14. Letter of support from senior investigator named as supervisor.
  15. If a second institution or overseas visit is proposed, include a letter of support from a senior investigator who will provide access to space, resources and scientific guidance for the duration of the stay. Please also ensure that the purpose of the visit is explained clearly, in terms of the duration, the research to be carried out and any training that will be acquired.
  16. Pre-CCT applicants: a statement from the Postgraduate Dean, clearly explaining the type and amount of clinical training to be carried out during the fellowship.
  17. Post-CCT applicants: a timetable of research and clinical activity.
  18. Brief CV (2 A4 sides including email address) of named staff (in addition to the applicant) for whom salary is requested.
  19. Supporting letters from collaborators.
  20. Quotes obtained for requested equipment.
  21. Valid copy of ethical approval if relevant. 

Sections 2-8 must not exceed six A4 sides. The PDF file size must not exceed 20MB.

Please ensure Arial font size 12 is used. If this font size is not used, the application will be rejected prior to formal consideration.

The BHF is prepared to consider funding or part-funding Intermediate Clinical Research Fellowships that include research experience with an industry partner (for example, experience of experimental medicine). Please contact our office for advice if you are considering applying for a co-funded Intermediate Clinical Research Fellowship.

Decision process

There are no closing dates.

Please submit the application when it is ready. Receipt will be acknowledged within 24 hours and we will advise you when you can expect the result. Candidates may be interviewed and a decision on this will be reached by the Fellowships Committee (four meetings a year) after it has considered external peer review reports.

Allow nine months from submission to decision.

Joint funding for research involving diabetes and cardiovascular disease

Recogning the relevance and importance of diabetes to cardiovascular disease, the BHF and Diabetes UK are prepared to consider joint partnership funding for Intermediate Clinical Research Fellowships, where the research proposed has a clear link to both diabetes and cardiovascular disease.

If you have an interest in applying an Intermediate Clinical Research Fellowship to carry out research related to both cardiovascular disease and diabetes, please contact us, or Diabetes UK if you are interested in applying for a Harry Keen Intermediate Clinical Fellowship, before submitting your application. Please bear in mind that both funders different processes and timelines – you should contact one of us as early as possible in developing your research proposal so that we may consider if it is appropriate for partnership funding.

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