How to apply for a research grant

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Before applying please read our grant types and the relevant grant guidelines.

If you are a new applicant, ask a senior colleague for advice on how best to prepare an application.

•  The BHF will be moving to a new research Grants Management System in January 2020.
•  Please refer to the individual grant type pages for forthcoming deadlines to submit grant applications through the current GMS.

Before beginning your grant application

Ensure that you have read:

If you are applying for funding for a clinical study, also read:

If you are applying for funding for a Translational Award, also read:

Preparing your application

You will need to prepare a detailed research proposal (in Arial font size not smaller than 12 points) that complies with the instructions and eligibility criteria outlined in the specific grant guidelines.

Applying online

Apply online

Paper applications

For paper applications for Personal Chairs, Infrastructure Grants, Strategic Initiatives, Translational Awards and Small Meeting Funds:

  • Include any relevant Supplementary forms.
  • Number the pages of your application and photocopy double sided (refer to the specific grant guidelines for the number of copies required).
  • Staple each copy in the top, left-hand corner with the application form on top without covers or binding.

Incorrectly presented applications will be sent back without review.

Please contact us if you need advice.