Classification of research

When you apply for a grant online, you will be asked to choose one Research Activity code that best describes your research project. You should also choose up to 10 Subject Codes that describe your research project. Please see the list below to aid your selection online.

Research Activity

Research Activity codes are the UK Clinical Research Collaboration's standard codes.

1.1   Underpinning research - Normal biological development

2.1   Disease aetiology - Biological factors
2.2   Disease aetiology - Environmental factors
2.3   Disease aetiology - Psychological, social, economic factors
2.4   Disease aetiology - Observational studies, registries
2.5   Disease aetiology - Epidemiological methods development

3.1   Disease prevention - Altering personal risk
3.2   Disease prevention - Altering environmental risk
3.3   Disease prevention - Nutrition

4.1   Detection, screening, diagnosis - Preclinical testing
4.2   Detection, screening, diagnosis - Clinical evaluation

5.1   Preclinical research - Drugs, including vaccines
5.2   Preclinical research - Cell or gene therapy
5.3   Preclinical research - Medical devices
5.4   Preclinical research - Surgery
5.6   Preclinical research - Psychological or behavioural

6.1   Clinical trials (phase I-IV) - Drugs, including vaccines
6.2   Clinical trials (phase I-IV) - Cell or gene therapy
6.3   Clinical trials (phase I-IV) - Medical devices
6.4   Clinical trials (phase I-IV) - Surgery
6.6   Clinical trials (phase I-IV) - Psychological or behavioural

7.1   Disease management - Individual care needs
7.2   Disease management - End of life care
7.3   Disease management - Education, guidelines

8.1   Health Services research - Organisation and delivery
8.2   Health Services research - Health and welfare economics

Subject Codes

Subject Codes are the BHF specific research classifications. Up to 10 can be selected.

Biology - Angiogenesis, vasculogenesis
Biology - Cardiac myocytes
Biology - Developmental biology
Biology - Electrophysiology
Biology - Endothelial cells
Biology - Erythrocytes
Biology - Genetics, genomics
Biology - Leukocytes
Biology - Neurones, neural control
Biology - Platelets, coagulation
Biology - Stem cells, progenitor cells
Biology - Structural biology
Biology - Systems biology
Biology - Vascular smooth muscle cells

Disease Process - Aneurysm
Disease Process - Arrhythmia, fibrillation, sudden death
Disease Process - Atherosclerosis
Disease Process - Cardiac hypertrophy
Disease Process - Cardiomyopathy
Disease Process - Congenital heart disease
Disease Process - Chronic heart failure
Disease Process - Diabetes, metabolic syndrome
Disease Process - Hypertension (systemic)
Disease Process - Inflammation, immunity
Disease Process - Lymphatic disease
Disease Process - Myocardial ischemia, myocardial infarction
Disease Process - Pulmonary hypertension
Disease Process - Restenosis
Disease Process - Stroke, cerebrovascular disease
Disease Process - Thrombosis, coagulation
Disease Process - Venous disease

Risk Factors and Subgroups - Ageing
Risk Factors and Subgroups - Cholesterol, lipids
Risk Factors and Subgroups -
Diet, Obesity
Risk Factors and Subgroups - Ethnicity
Risk Factors and Subgroups -
Risk Factors and Subgroups - Fetal and child health
Risk Factors and Subgroups - Pollution
Risk Factors and Subgroups -
Risk Factors and Subgroups -

Treatments and Modalities - Ablation
Treatments and Modalities -
Treatments and Modalities - Assist devices
Treatments and Modalities - Computation
Treatments and Modalities - CT, PET
Treatments and Modalities - Controlled trials
Treatments and Modalities - Experimental medicine
Treatments and Modalities - Gene therapy
Treatments and Modalities -
Heart valves
Treatments and Modalities - ICDs
Treatments and Modalities - Magnetic resonance
Treatments and Modalities - Pacemakers
Treatments and Modalities -
Stem/progenitor cell therapy
Treatments and Modalities -
Treatments and Modalities - Tissue engineering
Treatments and Modalities - Transplantation
Treatments and Modalities - Ultrasound
Treatments and Modalities - Vascular grafts