Clinical Trials Units

Clinical Trials Units (CTUs) are specialist units that help clinical researchers design, conduct, analyse and publish clinical trials and other clinical studies. They provide the statistical, epidemiological and methodological advice and coordination required to undertake a successful clinical study.

Interventional trials

Because of the complexities of running a clinical trial and the need for input from a multidisciplinary team with relevant expertise, we require that every multicentre interventional clinical trial, while remaining under the scientific control of the principal investigator, should usually be managed by a UKCRC registered CTU, and should usually include a member of the CTU as a co-applicant or principal investigator unless there are clearly justified reasons for not doing so.

Observational studies

Researchers planning a multicentre observational study should also consider a mentorship arrangement with a CTU. We will judge the need for this arrangement on a case by case basis.

Visit theĀ UKCRC Registered CTU website to find out about CTU research areas and how to contact CTUs.