Managing your grant


If your application is successful, you will be sent an award letter and a grant acceptance form. You will then be required to manage your grant for its duration.

When you receive your award letter

You should ensure that we receive your completed and signed Grant Acceptance Form (Word) within one month of the dated award letter.

If this is your first grant from the BHF you will also receive a welcome pack, detailing all the support and opportunities available to you as a BHF-funded researcher.

Claims for expenditure

Invoices must be submitted quarterly in arrears claiming for actual expenditure against the award and include the following information;

  • The grant reference number
  • The name of the Principal Investigator
  • A name and contact details for queries
  • The claim period
  • Itemised expenditure under the correct budget heading (eg salaries, expenses, equipment)
    • Salaries – awarded post number, staff name, period if different from claim period, grade, basic salary, NI, SA, LA if applicable
    • Expenses – itemised against the breakdown of award
    • Equipment – awarded item number to which it relates and including the relevant supplier’s invoice (countersigned by the Principal Investigator)

Queries must be responded to within 2 weeks to avoid delayed or non payment.  A final invoice must be submitted within 6 months of the grant end date.  The grant will be closed and no reimbursement will be made against invoices submitted after this date.

Part time working

We are prepared to support part time working on most of our personal awards. For information about part-time working, please read Flexible working policies.

Maternity/paternity/adoption/parental leave

All BHF Fellows are entitled to take maternity, paternity, adoption or parental leave in accordance with the university’s terms of employment. For more information, please read Flexible working policies.

Clinical studies

It is BHF policy that a Trial Steering Committee should be set up for all multicentre clinical trials. In addition, for most clinical trials, a Data Monitoring Committee should be established to report to the Trial Steering Committee and to BHF.

If you are awarded funding for a clinical study that requires support from the National Institute for Health Research Clinical Research Network (NIHR CRN), or its equivalents in the devolved nations, you must register your clinical study on the UKCRN portfolio and upload recruitment data onto the portfolio database regularly.

Please read Registering with the UKCRN portfolio for more information.

Claiming travel funds for conferences

To claim a travel fund, your University must submit a Travel Fund Claim Form within 6 months of attending the scientific meeting.

Extensions to fellowships

For Intermediate Basic Science Research Fellowships, Intermediate Clinical Research Fellowships, or Career Re-Entry Research Fellowships, it is possible to apply to extend the duration. More information can be found here.

Reporting progress

We don't usually require an Annual Report. However, if you have been awarded a Clinical Study grant or any other grant providing funding for a clinical study that requires recruitment and follow up of patients (rather than analysis of tissue samples only), you must submit an Annual Report.

For all awards, we require a Final Report on the outcome of your research project within 3 months of the grant end date. If a final report is not submitted, the grant will be closed with the final invoice unpaid and the Principal Investigator is unlikely to receive further grant funding from the BHF.

Five year grants will usually also be subject to a mid term review and occasionally we may request a progress report.

Translational Awards are also subject to milestone reports.  

You can find the relevant forms in Reporting progress.

Research evaluation

We monitor the outcomes of the research we fund on a regular basis. As a Condition of Grant, all grant holders (with the exception of BHF Chairs, Infrastructure Grants, Strategic Initiatives and BHF Centres of Research Excellence or Centres of Regenerative Medicine) will need to submit outcome data to us using Researchfish, our research evaluation system.

Publishing your research

We are committed to unrestricted access by the wider community to published research. All grant holders must therefore comply with our Open Access Policy.

Please also read the information in Communicating your research for advice on how you can share exciting results with our supporters.