Registering with the portfolio

The UK Clinical Research Network (UKCRN) helps to provide the infrastructure that allows high-quality clinical research to take place in the NHS so that patients can benefit from new and better treatments.

The UK Clinical Research Network

The UKCRN consists of the National Institute for Health Research Clinical Research Network (NIHR CRN) in England and its equivalents in the devolved nations. Through the UKCRN, researchers can have access to support at the planning, set-up and delivery phases of a study, including advice and support to overcome barriers to successful recruitment.

The UKCRN portfolio database

The UKCRN portfolio database is a database of high-quality clinical research studies that make up the clinical study portfolios of England (the NIHR CRN portfolio), Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales. Studies accepted on to the UKCRN portfolio are eligible for consideration for research infrastructure and service support from the NIHR CRN in England and from equivalent structures in the devolved nations. The portfolio is also used to monitor the progress of clinical studies by regularly recording recruitment data.

We are an NIHR non-commercial partner and therefore any study funded by us is automatically eligible for inclusion in the UKCRN portfolio. We receive regular reports from the portfolio database charting progress with recruitment into the studies we support, and we use these reports to monitor the progress and outputs of the award.

Condition of award

If you are awarded funding for a clinical study that requires support from the NIHR CRN or its equivalents, as a condition of award, we require that you:

  • Ensure your clinical study is registered on the portfolio.
  • Ensure your grant reference number is recorded on the portfolio.
  • Upload recruitment data on a regular (monthly) basis onto the portfolio database.

Visit the NIHR CRN website to find out ways of accessing advice and support and how to upload recruitment data.