Reporting progress

You may have to provide an Annual Report to update us on the progress of your research project. We require a Final Report for all grants.

Annual Reports

We don't usually require an Annual Report. However, if you have been awarded a Clinical Study Grant or any other grant providing funding for a clinical study that requires recruitment and follow up of patients (rather than analysis of tissue samples only), you must submit an Annual Report. Over the course of your award for a clinical study, you may need to submit regular Progress Reports.     

Final Report

You must submit a Final Report within 3 months of the end of your grant. If we don’t receive a final report, the grant account will be closed and any outstanding invoices will remain unpaid.

Mid term Report

For all grants of 5 years or longer, or if it is a specific condition of your award, you must submit a written report of progress before the mid term point of the grant. Submit the following information, as an electronic copy, in the order given, within a maximum of 6 A4 sides, including publications.

  • BHF grant no. and title of grant.
  • Names of Principal Investigator and Co-applicant(s).
  • Place of research.
  • Summary of aims with timelines from the original application.
  • Achievements to date.
  • Contributions made by salaried staff on the grant.
  • Work still to be done until the end of the grant period with timelines.
  • A list of publications (journal style) resulting from the work of the grant.

Milestone reports

All Translational Awards require milestone reports, which will form the basis of continued funding decisions. Please see Translational Awards for more information.