Intellectual property

We encourage commercial exploitation of the results from our funded research.

Protecting intellectual property

This is primarily to ensure that we enhance the likelihood that research findings are translated more swiftly into patient benefit, in line with our mission: “to play a leading role in the fight against disease of the heart and circulation, so that it is no longer a major cause of disability and premature death”.

In addition, exploitation of our funded research has the potential to produce revenue for us that can be recycled into further research.

All grant holders should be aware of the potential for protecting intellectual property (IP) and should consider doing so at an early stage. Initial enquiries should be directed to their university technology transfer office. They should also keep us informed, quoting the grant reference number.

Our standard conditions on IP and commercial exploitation are outlined in the Standard Conditions of Grant. You need written consent from us before IP is exploited or disposed of in any way. As a condition of granting such consent, we will require the institution to accept its standard revenue and equity sharing terms (available on request). For Translational Awards, please see Translational Award Terms & Conditions.