Fellowship extensions

This page provides guidance on making an application for an extension to a fellowship

Purpose and scope of an extension

  • Extensions to Intermediate Basic Science Research Fellowships, Intermediate Clinical Research Fellowships, or Career Re-Entry Research Fellowships are intended to allow the fellow to achieve research outputs and progress that will put them in a strong position to make a competitive application for a more senior award.
  • The research planned during the extension should consolidate or build on work conducted during the fellowship, and should not consist of an entirely new or substantially different research programme, unless there are exceptional reasons for this change, which should be strongly justified and be feasible within the time-period proposed.
  • In exceptional circumstances, an extension request will be considered because of difficulties encountered during the fellowship; these must be clearly explained. The fellow should describe the steps taken to address the issues and outline a plan moving forward, including where possible, evidence that the issues have been/or have the potential to be resolved.
  • In all cases, it must be clearly explained how an extension would put the fellow in a strong position to apply for a more senior award.
  • A complete breakdown and justification must be provided for all costs and for the duration of the extension that is applied for, which may be for up to two years.

When to apply

In the first instance, you should contact us (research@bhf.org.uk) to determine when to submit an extension request for your fellowship. We suggest contacting us early during the final year of the fellowship.

How to apply

Please submit the following documents as a single PDF (font Arial size 11):
1. A cover letter stating the amount and duration requested for the extension (max 1 side of A4).
2. A progress report for the fellowship to date and rationale for the extension (max 4 sides of A4, excluding references), addressing the following issues -

  • How you have addressed each of the aims of your original application and if these have changed (and, if so, why and how)
  • How productive your fellowship has been to date (detailing scientific outputs and other achievements, and addressing any problems encountered and how they have been resolved)
  • Why an extension to your fellowship is required
  • How an extension to your fellowship, if awarded, would put you in a strong position to make a competitive application for a more senior award

3. An outline of the proposed research during the extension (max 2 sides of A4, excluding references). 
4. Supporting letters from your fellowship supervisor, head of department and any collaborators, as appropriate.
5. An updated CV and career intentions statement (max 2 sides of A4).
6. A completed “Details of support requested” form (provided by the BHF) with a breakdown of the costs requested and a full justification for these costs. 

Additional pages for appendices (e.g. charts, graphs, photos) should be submitted only if essential to the understanding of the application (max 3 sides of A4)

Decision process

All extension requests are considered by the BHF Fellowships Committee and will usually be assessed by external peer reviewers. A date by which a decision can be expected will be advised upon receipt of the extension application. Fellows may be asked to attend an interview.