How we award

Heart muscle cells

We have five research grants committees whose members are experts in basic and clinical cardiovascular research. 

Each of our committees meets four times a year other than the Clinical Studies Committee and the Translational Awards Committee which meet twice a year.

Our committees

All applications are sent to independent peer reviewers before being assessed by the committee. Decisions are based on factors such as relevance to cardiovascular disease, scientific merit, timeliness, relationship to other work in the field, adherence to the principles of the NC3Rs guidance for reduction, refinement and replacement of use of animals, and value for money.

Applications with scientific merit may still be unsuccessful if the hypothesis is poorly described; the project lacks pilot data, experimental detail and power calculations; includes irrelevant information; or does not address overlap with other projects.

In addition to scientific review, Translational Awards will also be assessed on commercial viability.

We usually provide feedback on unsuccessful applications, and may also defer applications for reconsideration pending further information.

See Previous awards for a list of the research projects we’ve funded.