Translational Awards Committee

The Translational Awards Committee meets twice a year to assess Translational Awards. Current members are listed below.


Dr David Grainger

Medicxi Ventures

Expertise in early-stage technologies particularly in inflammation and cardiovascular biology.

Vice Chair

Professor Michael Marber

Professor of Cardiology, King's College London


Dr Dani Bach

IP Group

Expertise in medtech and drug development (biologics and small molecules).

Dr V Paul Gerskowitch

Resolomics Limited

Expertise in therapeutic R&D, cell based therapies and diagnostics/companion diagnostics, including their research translation and commercialisation.

Dr Andrew Grace

Consultant Cardiologist, Cambridge University Health Partners

Professor Stefan Neubauer

Professor of Cardiovascular Medicine, University of Oxford

Dr Nigel Ramsden


Expertise in target validation and small molecule drug discovery and development in thrombosis, heart failure, dyslipidemia and metabolic syndrome.

Dr Christopher de Souza

Broadview Ventures

Expertise in cardio-metabolic research translation and drug discovery / device development.

Dr Andrew Walsh


Academic technology transfer and establishing academic-industrial collaborations.

Professor Ian Zachary

Professor of Vascular Cell Biology, University College London