Surviving Dechox 

Take a look at our handy tips, tricks, snack swaps, recipes and more - to help you survive a month-long Dechox.

Combat chocolate cravings

Need to banish those chocolate cravings? We've got a few tips to take your mind off the sweet stuff.

A blue line drawing icon of a class of water

Drink a glass of water

This helps fill you up, and will take your mind off chocolate.
A purple line drawing icon of a trainer

Go for a walk

Even if it’s just to the printer and back.
A green line drawing icon off a packet of chewing gum

Chew sugar-free gum

A low calorie, inexpensive snack. It will help keep your gums and teeth healthy and freshens your breath too.
A yellow line drawing icon of a lemon slice

Try something bitter

This will overwhelm the sweetness craving! We find a glass of lemon water works every time.

A green line drawing icon of an apple

Keep fruit handy

Swapping out the chocolate for some fruit when those cravings hit means you'll get fibre and nutrients along with your sweet fix.
A blue line drawing icon of a cloche (used to cover food until it

Eat regularly

Long gaps between meals may make you want to snack on sugary, chocolately foods.

Staying motivated

If you need inspiration to keep you on the straight and narrow, find out why laying off chocolate for a month might make for a healthier you - and what snacks make the best substitute for your usual chocolate biscuit break.

Fundraising rewards

Every donation, no matter what the amount, helps to power our life saving research. And to say thank you, we have some amazing prizes up for grabs for our top fundraisers.*

Dechox fundraising reward - a chocolate medal with

Raise £75 - £149*

And you'll receive an edible chocolate medal
Dechox fundraising reward - star shaped silver medal with

Raise £150 to £299*

To get your hands on a superstar medal
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Raise £300 or more*

For a superstar medal, and entry into our prize draw!


*Fundraising amounts are excluding Gift Aid. Terms and conditions apply.