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Heart Matters is our free programme offering information that encourages a heart-healthy lifestyle, whether you or someone close to you has a heart condition or a risk factor such as high cholesterol or high blood pressure.

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Here's what you'll get from us as part of your free membership

  • a welcome pack with the latest issue of Heart Matters magazine, a welcome from the BHF, recipe folder and a tape measure to check if you're in healthy shape 
  • regular issues of Heart Matters magazine or an online version
  • access to online tools like our great recipe finder as well as an online community where you can share experiences
  • a helpline staffed by Cardiac Nurses and Information Support Officers

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Heart Matters is the free heart health magazine from the British Heart Foundation, offering information on heart conditions and treatments, the latest research, real-life stories, nutrition information and recipes, plus how to keep your heart healthy.

We also have exclusive online content such as our list of surprisingly salty foods, more top tips, videos, infographics and extra features.

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