Clare's story

As a BHF Heart Failure Nurse, Clare sees first-hand how difficult coping with symptoms of severe heart failure can be.

"Not being able to breathe or function on your own is very scary, and families feel helpless watching their loved ones suffer. In the worst cases, patients can feel like they're drowning as fluid fills their lungs." she explains.

Severe breathlessness makes it difficult for heart failure sufferers to do anything, and many are housebound, becoming entirely dependent on their family. Worse still, heart failure can be progressive and as a person's condition deteriorates, it becomes more and more difficult to control their symptoms.

Caring for patients who still have symptoms, despite being on the best therapies currently available, is desperately difficult for Clare. So it is no surprise that, for her, our Mending Broken Hearts Appeal is so important.

"There's a limit to how much reassurance we can give because, at the moment, there is no complete cure for heart failure. It's just about managing symptoms the best we can. We must make sure this research continues."

We are fighting for hope

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