Bronnach's story

Bronnach Pemberton, 35, used to be a hands-on mum, but now she can't even lift her baby because of the devastating effects of heart failure.

Bronnach suffered a massive heart attack days after her third child was born, permanently damaging her heart muscle. It has left her unable to care for her three small children, and she has been forced to give up her teaching job.

"I am extremely tired and I sleep for hours everyday. There are days when I can't even think about pushing the buggy because I am so exhausted," she says.

"I can't stand up for very long. I used to love the outdoors, but if we want to go for a walk as a family now I have to use my mobility scooter. I'm like a battery with no power."

Bronnach is waiting to be assessed for a heart transplant. But her biggest fears are about surviving to see her three children grow up.

"Will I live to see my middle son go to school, or my baby learn to walk? Realistically, I don't know."

We are fighting for hope

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