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For many people, surviving a heart attack is just the beginning of a fight that will last the rest of their life.

What is heart failure?

Following a heart attack, your heart will suffer damage that can never be repaired. This can lead to heart failure.

When you have heart failure, your heart cannot pump blood around your body as well as it needs to. This means the oxygen in your blood cannot reach the parts of your body where it's needed. In severe cases this can leave you disabled and gasping for breath.

Every year, thousands more families have to watch the people they love struggle with the distressing symptoms. But we're fighting back against heart failure.

Through our groundbreaking research we intend to end this suffering, forever.

Heart failure: The terrifying facts

  • Heart failure now affects hundreds of thousands of people in the UK and the problem is growing.
  • Heart failure can be disabling, progressive and, ultimately, terminal.
  • Patients with heart failure can face a long and difficult fight for life.
  • For patients diagnosed with severe heart failure, the chances of surviving for more than five years are worse than most forms of cancer.

Support the fight against heart failure

By supporting our Mending Broken Hearts Appeal, you can help our scientists end the suffering caused by heart failure.

Every pound donated offers the people affected new hope that a cure will be found.


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