6 tips for making healthy decisions about food

Your brain can be as influential as your stomach when it comes to what and when you eat. Professor Jane Ogden shares tips for improving your food decision-making.

1. Fix your meal times

Meal times

Set times for your meals – and stick to them.

2. Don't eat on the go


Sit down and eat your meal from a plate or bowl – not from the container the food is bought in.

3. Concentrate on your food

Switching smartphone off at meal times

Remove distractions such as TV, phones and computers.

4. Manage your environment

Choosing food from a fridge full of healthy food

Don’t keep food in the car, put healthy foods at eye level in the fridge, try not to have unhealthy foods in the house and avoid restaurants that don’t serve any healthy options.

5. Find different ways to treat yourself

Relaxing in a hammock as a treat

Think of non-food rewards to celebrate a good day or an achievement, instead of using food.

6. Think of your health

Healthy diet - Looking after your health

Use your diagnosis or condition to motivate you to change. Keep images of yourself or write down your feelings and fears when you start the process. You can refer back to these if you feel your motivation slipping.

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