Active lifestyles are the best for the heart

29 October 2013        

Category: Survival and support

Man pushing a wheelbarrow

Everyday activities like gardening and DIY could help older people reduce their risk of heart attacks and strokes, according to new research.

Scientists tracked the health of more than 4,000 people over the age of 60 for 12 years. They found that people who had the highest levels of physical activity had a lower risk of a heart attack or stroke, even if they weren’t taking part in formal exercise.

Our Senior Cardiac Nurse Christopher Allen said: “Being physically active is important in maintaining good heart health. But, as this study demonstrates, you don’t need a gym membership to do that.

“As long as they make you feel warmer, breathe harder and make your heart beat faster, activities such as DIY and gardening count towards the 150 minutes of moderate intensity activity recommended for a healthy lifestyle.”

If you'd like to be more active, but aren't sure where to start we've got lots of information on getting active.