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We strive for excellence

We are a leading organisation both within and beyond our sector, with a reputation hard-earned by the dedication and commitment of our people. People who are brave, informed, compassionate and driven in everything they do. By living our values, we will make sure we never take this reputation for granted. 

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So, to make the most of every pound entrusted to us, we will:

  • Ensure working and volunteering inspires a sense of purpose and connection to our cause
  • Help people achieve their full potential
  • Be an organisation that continually learns, improves and innovates
  • Be a healthy and  inclusive place to work and volunteer
  • Be a leading force for good in society

we strive for excellence





Join our team

Our volunteers and staff are helping us beat heartbreak forever.

Volunteer for us - there are lots of ways you can get involved, either on a regular or casual basis. 
Work for us - we offer a range of exciting office, shop, home and field based opportunities throughout the UK.

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