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Changes we want to see in the world

Our vision is a world free from the fear of heart and circulatory diseases. It’s a bold ambition, and we cannot achieve it alone. But by working towards game-changing research-driven milestones, and inspiring support from others, we believe the next ten years will see unparalleled progress.

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By no means do these milestones represent the entirety of our efforts or aspirations. One thing we can be sure of is that we will achieve things in the next decade that we cannot even conceive of today. But they do serve as important examples of the changes we want to see in the world by 2030. And each has been informed by our supporters, researchers, staff and people affected by heart and circulatory diseases.

We hope they will galvanise everyone – from across research charities, the health service, academia, government, communities and industry – to come together in a way we never have before, and help to Beat Heartbreak Forever. 

By 2030, we want to see advances across the spectrum of heart and circulatory diseases; we want to prevent these conditions from developing and we want those with existing conditions to have better, longer lives.

These advances include:

1. Better survival and recovery from heart disease

  • We want cures for inherited heart conditions.
  • We want every child born with a heart condition to lead a long and healthy life.
  • We want thousands more people to survive a heart attack.
  • We want to mend broken hearts
  • We want to prevent people having heart rhythm problems.
  • We want to triple the number of people surviving a cardiac arrest.

2. New and better treatments for circulatory diseases

  • We want to halve the number of people dying from or being disabled by a stroke.
  • We want to find ways to prevent and treat vascular dementia.  

3. Better prevention and management of risk factors

  • We want better ways to identify people at risk and help them avoid disease. 
  • We want everyone to breathe clean air and to live in a smoke-free UK. 
  • We want a world in which the healthy choice is the easy choice. 
  • We want everyone to know how to reduce their risk of heart and circulatory diseases.

4. Longer, better lives for everyone 

  • We want everyone’s treatment to be personal to them. 
  • We want everyone to have access to the best available treatment and care.  
  • We want everyone to get the physical, psychological and social support they need

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