Our research

heart disease research - a heart shaped hole in a microscope slide

Heart disease research

We research heart diseases because they all have one thing in common - they stop your heart working properly. From heart failure to congenital defects, research is happening now.

circulatory conditions research - a microscope image of blood vessels.

Circulatory conditions research

We all have a circulatory system, but if blood can’t flow properly through your veins and arteries it puts you at risk. We research circulatory conditions ranging from stroke to vascular dementia.

Measuring blood pressure with a cuff and stethoscope.

Risk factor research

Risk factors are things that increase your risk of developing heart and circulatory diseases. Like diabetes or high blood pressure. We research risk factors like these to protect your health.

Our successes

Clot busting drugs. Transplants. Miniscule devices to correct heartbeats. The breakthroughs we’ve made in just over 50 years are the promise of cures and treatments to come.

Reflections of Research

Reflections of Research is our annual competition, reflecting the groundbreaking research we fund through images. This research would not be possible without your donations.

Meet our researchers

Our researchers are committed to finding cures and treatments for heart and circulatory diseases. Get to know some of the people behind our life saving research.

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We’re the biggest funder of heart and circulatory research in the UK, funding £100 million worth of research projects a year. Search our projects here.

Heart statistics

Statistics about heart and circulatory conditions in the UK.

Information for researchers

Find out about what we fund, how to apply for a grant, and more.

Centres of Research Excellence and Accelerator Awards

Find out about the world-class centres of cardiovascular research that the British Heart Foundation are funding.