Heart conditions research

an image of a heart

Heart attack research

190 people die each from heart attacks each day, which is why BHF-funded research into treatments is so important.

chest x-ray showing implanted pacemaker.

Heart rhythm problem research

Over a million people in the UK have a heart rhythm problem. Our research gives people with heart rhythm disorders the best chance of living longer, healthier lives.

A portrait photo of a child affected by a congenital heart problem.

Congenital heart problems research

Each day, 12 babies in the UK are diagnosed with congenital heart disease. The BHF is funding crucial breakthroughs so we can protect these tiny hearts.

Heart failure research

Over 500,000 people in the UK are living with heart failure. BHF research has created treatments to give people with heart failure longer, healthier lives.

Heart valve problems research

Heart valves play a crucial part in making sure your heart works properly. We're funding research to make it easy to detect heart valve problems early and treat them.

Cardiomyopathy research

Cardiomyopathy is a broad term for a group of diseases that affect the heart muscle. We're funding research to stop this hidden killer.