Circulatory conditions research

a scan showing the major blood vessels in the brain of someone who has had a stroke.

Stroke research

Stroke is the cause behind around 38,000 deaths each year in the UK. At the BHF we are aiming  to better understand this condition and develop vital treatments with our research.

a scan showing the brain of somebody with vascular dementia

Vascular dementia research

Vascular dementia is the second most common type of dementia, affecting around 150,000 people in the UK. There is no cure, but we fund research that could change that.

A coloured angiogram showing guide wires in an artery.

Atherosclerosis research

Most people won’t know they have atherosclerosis until they have a heart attack, stroke or angina. We're funding research to beat the heartbreak atherosclerosis causes.

Deep vein thrombosis research

DVT is a blood clot in one of the deep veins of the body, usually in the leg. Our research is vital to preventing and treating DVT safely and effectively. 

Peripheral artery disease research

PAD happens when these arteries become narrowed by a build-up of fatty material within their walls. Our research is needed to find effective and quick treatments.