Welsh Understanding blood pressure cover

Understanding blood pressure (Welsh)

Leaflet / flyer | 16 pages

Welsh | Published: 23/07/2019

  • Resource code: U002W/0619
  • Publication for: General public, Patient
  • Subject: Medical info, Lifestyle advice, Heart conditions
  • Age group: Adults
  • Maximum order quantity: 100

This is the Welsh language version of our Understanding blood pressure leaflet. 

This short leaflet is for people who have been told they have high blood pressure, or are at risk of having it. It explains what blood pressure is, what can cause it, and what you can do to lower it.

Dyma fersiwn Gymraeg ein taflen Deall Pwysedd Gwaed.

Mae’n daflen fer ar gyfer pobl sydd wedi cael gwybod bod pwysedd gwaed uchel arnynt neu fod perygl iddynt ei gael. Mae’n esbonio beth yw pwysedd gwaed uchel, beth all ei achosi a beth y gallwch ei wneud i’w ostwng. 

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