Get active

Man washing a car

Ideally, we should do moderate-intensity exercise such as brisk walking, cycling or swimming in at least ten-minute bursts, but any physical activity is better than none. Try these ideas:

Park and walk

Going shopping? Choose a parking space at the far end of the car park so you have to walk further to and from the store.

Walk and talk

Make it a habit to walk around while you’re talking on the phone. You’ll burn off more calories and exercise your leg muscles.

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Set your alarm

If you often sit for long periods of time, remind yourself to get up and move around every hour. At work, refill your water glass or go to see a colleague instead of emailing. At home, get up and give the skirting boards a quick dust or put the ironing away. You could also use TV ad breaks as an excuse to get up and move around, even if it’s just to make a cup of tea.

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Wash your car

If you usually pay for a car wash, why not save money and do it yourself? Washing your car for half an hour could burn 168 calories – the same as a 15-minute run.

Get the kids (or grandkids) outside

Playing active games with children for an hour could burn about 300 calories, not to mention being great fun.

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