7 healthy summer recipes

Get into the spirit of summer with these mouth-watering recipes. Full of fresh, vibrant flavours, these heart-healthy dishes are also perfect for a picnic or barbecue. 

Tandoori salmon kebabs

Tandoori salmon kebabs

Fresh, zingy and lightly spiced, these salmon kebabs make a great alternative to meat kebabs. This is perfect for a light meal or summer barbecue, and will provide you with omega-3 fats that will help keep your heart healthy.

Bulgur wheat salad

Bulghur wheat salad with broccoli

This vibrant dish is packed with summer flavours. This is great as a side dish but to make it a main, add chopped roast chicken or turkey, or reduced-fat Greek-style cheese, and serve with salad leaves. 

Summer fruit smoothie ice lollies

Summer fruit smoothie ice lollies

Avoid high-fat and sugar ice cream with this healthier alternative. Simple but delicious, these fruit smoothie lollies provide a cooling treat on a hot day. You can also try them with other fresh fruit or other low-fat fruit yoghurts.

Piri-piri chicken
Piri piri chicken

Portuguese-style chicken is a great summer sizzler. If you fancy grilling them on the barbecue, cook over medium-hot coals, turning occasionally and brushing them with a little olive oil. 

Pasta with low-fat pesto and peas
Summer tagliatelle with 'pesto'

This quick and easy twist on traditional pesto uses fromage frais to make a creamy sauce that's perfect with pasta. 

Banana and mango ice cream sundae

Banana and mango ice cream sundae

This impressive-looking sundae is surprisingly heart healthy. It uses fat-free yoghurt, and fresh bananas and mango to give you the taste of summer without the fat and sugar that you'd get in a regular sundae.

Three bruschettas with healthy toppings

Bruschetta is a brilliant starter or summer snack for a barbecue or picnic, bursting with Mediterranean flavours. Try our protein-packed bruschetta toppings, which are all quick to prepare, and offer a more filling twist on classic tomato bruschetta.

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