3 delicious healthy salsas that take no time to make

Hate dry, bland food? Ready-made sauces and chutneys can be high in sugar and fat, so add flavour and banish dry food by making our delicious salsas.

A bowl of healthy tomato, coriander, and onion salsa

Classic tomato salsa

Chop plenty of ripe red tomatoes and mix with some finely chopped onion (any type -  red, white or spring onion), chopped coriander leaves and some finely chopped chilli to taste. 

This salsa is delicious in a burger, with crudites or on top of baguette slices to make bruschetta (in which case, swap the coriander leaves for fresh basil). 

Or serve with a poached egg and some wholemeal bread or toast to make it a complete meal.

Check out our recipe for home-made vegetable burgers or spiced beef and carrot burgers

A wooden bowl of healthy mango, onion and tomato salsa

Mango and herb salsa 

Peel and chop a mango; add a chopped red onion and one or two chopped tomatoes. Add fresh herbs of your choice – mint or coriander will work particularly well.

Serve alongside our Thai sweet chilli chicken wraps (or add to the wrap filling instead of the sweet chilli sauce) or with our oven-baked or barbecued chicken. It’s also delicious as a salad at a barbecue or with a spicy meal. 

A bowl of healthy tomato, coriander, and onion salsa

Sweetcorn salsa

Take sweetcorn (use frozen sweetcorn, defrosted, or canned without added sugar and salt). Mix with chopped red pepper, cucumber and spring onion.

Serve with our beef and bean burritos, or our sizzling prawn fajitas, or spiced tofu and carrot burgers

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