5 healthy ways to serve strawberries

We know that getting your 5-a-day is good for your health, and strawberries must be one of the most delicious ways to help you get there. Here are 5 light and tasty ways to enjoy this quintessentially British treat - without the cream.

1.    Balsamic or basil

Balsamic strawberries

Instead of sugar and cream try serving your strawberries with balsamic vinegar or basil: simple, but delicious – these pairings are becoming modern classics.

2.    Creamy dip

Frozen yoghurt-coated strawberries

Dip your strawberries in low-fat yogurt or fat-free fromage frais for a creamy but healthy, treat to enjoy.

3.    Home-made jelly

Strawberry jelly

How about preparing a home-made strawberry jelly with whole pieces of strawberry, fresh pureed strawberries (press cooked strawberries through a sieve) and gelatine? This easy-to-make refreshing, yet special dessert will not fail to impress on a hot summer day. Just follow the instructions on the pack of gelatine (or vegetarian alternative such as agar) to know how much to use to set the amount of liquid/juices that you have.

4.    With black pepper

Strawberries with black pepper

Add a little black pepper to your strawberries: this enhances their natural flavour and adds a little spice for flavour without the need for sugar.

5.    Au naturel


Plain strawberries are simply lovely in season – sweet and full of flavour - and really don’t need to be buried under tons of cream. Instead of adding new ingredients to them, why not try to appreciate their natural flavour? A great way to rediscover strawberries is to mix different varieties together. You’ll be surprised by the wide range of nuances in flavours.

Looking for more strawberry inspiration?

Punnet of Strawberries

7 reasons to celebrate strawberries

1.    They’re delicious.

2.    They’re low in energy (calories).

3.    They are an excellent source of vitamins and minerals, and dietary fibre.

4.    Like other fruit, they count towards your 5-a-day (80g, or approximately 8 strawberries, makes one portion).

5.    They are versatile (see our tips above).

6.    When in season, strawberries are reasonably priced. As well as supermarket special offers, check out market stalls for the best deals – you’re particularly likely to snap up a bargain at the end of the day. A pick your own farm might be worth a visit if you want a lot of strawberries and have one nearby.

7.    They need little or no preparation.

  • Tip: Remember not to remove the hull before washing your strawberries, nor soak them for too long when you wash them, or they will lose some of their flavour.

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