From heart surgery to a marathon: Helen's story in 8 inspiring quotes and pictures

Helen Doyle thought her running dreams might be over when she was diagnosed with a heart problem. See how she's gone from surgery to the London Marathon, in pictures and Helen's own words.

Helen Doyle returning to running after heart problems

“When I was told I had a heart problem, I felt like my whole life had been tipped upside down. Everything just stopped.”

Helen Doyle eating at the hospital

“After surgery, you’re completely dependent at first. You have to learn how to walk and talk again.”

Helen Doyle at the hospital

“It’s just readjusting your mindset. My heart has been fixed and the reason it’s been fixed is so I can live my life.”

Helen Doyle stretching after running

“Every time I go running, it's like a mini miracle.”

People cheering on runners at BHF marathon

There’s a buzz you get when you race. It makes you feel really positive, especially when you’re running with other people. Having people cheer you on is amazing.”


Helen Doyle running  

“I’m spending more time doing things I love now, because I feel like life’s very short and my story could have ended up being very different. I feel lucky that I’m still here and I’m healthy.”

Helen Doyle before open heart surgery

“Even though it has been the most painful, awful experience in some ways, it’s absolutely amazing in others. It’s changed my life and put everything into perspective.”

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