7 free fitness apps

Getting fit doesn't have to feel like a chore. We've compiled a list of our top fun fitness apps that might even make you forget you’re working out.

1. Get rewarded for exercising: Better Points

BETTER POINTSThe Better Points app rewards you for exercising with points you can then spend on the high street in shops, such as New Look, John Lewis, Starbucks, and Hotel Chocolat; or online at sites like Amazon. You can use it for walking, cycling and running. Better Points uses your phone’s GPS to track your movements, so there’s no cheating. Use it on a regular route like a walk to work, and you might be surprised how quickly the rewards stack up.

Just don't buy too many chocolates with your reward points, or you might cancel out the good you’ve done exercising!

2. Dance your way to fitness: Dance Fitness Lite

DANCE FITNESS LITEThere are loads of great dance apps, so you can find one that suits your level of fitness and dancing preferences. We’ve chosen the Dance Fitness Lite app because it has a vast range of different dance types, including salsa, cheerleading, Bollywood, street and Zumba. And, it doesn’t matter if you’re two steps behind the beat or resemble a daddy-long-legs trying to waltz – no one’s watching, so you can just enjoy yourself, while getting into shape. 

3. A personal trainer in your pocket: Fitnet

FITNETPersonal trainers are expensive - but what if you could get feedback on your exercise moves for free? Fitnet may have the answer. Designed to be used in tandem with an iPad, the app contains over 200 free workout videos, and provides real-time feedback via Fitnet’s biometric camera. There’s a point system that tells you how fast you’re moving and how much energy you’re putting into it. It’s a clever concept, and a novel way of monitoring your fitness. 

4. Turn getting active into a game: Nerd Fitness

NERD FITNESSSelf-confessed nerd Steve Kamb realised how absorbing video games can be, so he set up Nerd Fitness to ‘gamify fitness’. The format is that of a video game, and uses sci-fi and gaming terminology. Each person has their own character, and you carry out fitness ‘quests’, which you have to complete to go to the next level. The scoreboard ranks players as scouts, warriors and “assassins” (the deadliest title).

5. One minute desk workout

ONE MINUTE OFFICE WORKOUTA number of studies have shown that sitting for eight hours or more a day increases your risk of early death. It’s important to get up, move around and stretch your legs on a regular basis. This app offers you 45 types of exercises that release tension when you’re at your desk, in a meeting or waiting by the coffee machine. It also gives you handy reminders during office hours so you won’t forget, and thankfully it skips during your lunch break. 

6. Exercise while you train your dog: Thank Dog!

THANK DOGGet fit with a little help from your canine friend. This app provides exercises for you, integrated with simple dog training, such as asking your dog to sit or lie down. There are voice instructions so you don’t have to hold your phone up in front of you to follow them. It’s pretty straightforward though and there are tips on the website on how you set it for your own pace. The app also has a music feature, so you and your dog can enjoy a bit of a sing-a-long as you go.

7. Get financial motivation to be healthy: Pact

PACTSome people might call it bribery, but whatever works right? Bringing money into the equation as a motivation adds a whole new element to exercise. Basically, you make a weekly pact to exercise more and eat more healthily. If you fail, you have to pay other players. If others fail they have to pay you. In total, the game has now helped its members to workout 11.8 million times; log 4.3 million meals; and eat 2.2 million pieces of fruit and veg.


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