5 free swimming apps

Tracking your swimming progress is a great way to stay motivated. We've picked out five free apps to use on dry land that will encourage you to keep going when you're in the pool.

1. Swim IO

The Swim IO app on iPhone 

Record lengths, strokes and times, follow a plan or join a virtual challenge to swim the Suez Canal or the Atlantic Ocean. You can also find pools close to your home or work, and check their timetables so you can plan your visits.

2. Swim4Gold

The Swim4Gold app on iPhone 

Compete against some of history’s greatest swimmers. Simply log your time in a chosen event and see how you compare against the best. Earn virtual medals as you improve.

3. GoSwim

The GoSwim app on Android 

For swimming fans who want to improve. Get a free account or download the app. You’ll get videos from swimming coaches showing the best technique, and news, photos and articles to inspire you. 

4. MySwimfit

The JustSwim app on Android

Sign up for free or get the Just Swim app. Designed for people new to swimming, you can record sessions, leave motivational notes for yourself and set distance goals.

5. MySwimPro

The MySwimPro app on iPhone 

Follow different workouts, depending on your level and the type of swimming you want to do. You can also track your swims, and watch videos to help you improve your technique.

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