Bereavement support for children

Small creature

It can be difficult to tell how children are dealing with the loss of a loved one, and tricky to help them through any feelings they might be having.

Every child responds differently to loss, just like adults do. 

The Small Creature pack, designed for young children aged 3-11, helps you sit down with the child in your care and find the best way to help them through their grief. 

All the activities in the pack can help the child in your care think about the things they never got to say to that person and how to hold onto all the memories they have of them.

How Small Creature can help 

Small Creature loses his best friend, Bird, and finds himself experiencing all sorts of feelings as he tries to deal with his loss. The friends he encounters along the way give him ways to deal with those feelings and help him understand that help is always at hand.

The pack contains a story book, felt toy, a set to act out the story, an audio cd and cards that will help with the activities in the story, all contained in a soft cotton bag.

You can also watch the animated story narrated by Gloria Hunniford online together, using the story pack alongside it.

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