Institute of Developmental and Regenerative Medicine

Building for the future 

We need to raise over £10 million to help build and establish a new cutting-edge research facility at the University of Oxford. 

The Institute of Developmental and Regenerative Medicine will truly benefit people of all ages from the tiniest baby born with a heart defect to the oldest among us struggling with heart failure.

The Institute will be co-led by BHF Professor Paul Riley who has already made groundbreaking discoveries that have shown the potential for the heart to repair itself after damage. 

Scientists at the Institute will lead the way in research to fight the irreparable damage caused by heart attack, which can lead to heart failure. They will also carry out studies to improve our understanding of the biology behind congenital heart defects that affect a dozen babies born every day.

Our vision

BHF Professor Riley explains: “My vision is a world where heart damage is temporary and repairable. If the Institute becomes a reality, our research discoveries could trigger a revolution in cardiovascular medicine.”

Researchers from the fields of immunology and neurology will join Professor Riley and his cardiovascular research colleagues in the building.

Bringing together the world's best researchers

This unique opportunity to bring world class regenerative medicine scientists from three separate disciplines under one roof to share expertise and facilities will inevitably lead to innovative new strategies for tackling cardiovascular disease. 

The Institute will be a key part of an innovative and expanding new biomedical research hub in Oxford. It will benefit from existing facilities such as the Target Discovery Institute, which is focused on finding new targets for drugs, and the nearby John Radcliffe Hospital, which will ensure a smooth transition for discoveries from the lab bench to the hospital bedside.

We need your support

With your support, you can help us make medical history at the Institute.

Help is to build the Institute by donating to the Mending Broken Hearts Appeal, or contact our Major Donors team if you'd like to make a major donation to the Institute. 

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