Butter and margarine salt warning

6 September 2013        

Category: BHF Comment

Bread and butter

New research has shown high levels of salt in some of the butter, margarine, fats and spreads sold in our supermarkets.

Consensus Action on Salt and Health (CASH) looked at 306 products and found 63 per cent of fats and spreads failed to achieve salt targets set by the Department of Health. CASH also found varieties claiming they are ‘slightly salted’ or ‘lighter’ often don’t differ much from salted or full fat products.

Victoria Taylor, our Senior Dietitian, said: “Shoppers clearly have to look twice when making the switch from butter to unsaturated spread. Not only do they need to keep an eye on the type of fat in their spreads but also how much salt they contain, too.

“With so many varieties on offer, picking a healthy spread is confusing enough for consumers. Manufactures and supermarkets must cut back on the salt in their products so there is one less thing for shoppers to worry about.”