Healthy diet

5 November 2013        

Category: BHF Comment

Roasted vegetables

Eating a Mediterranean-style diet could help women live longer and healthier lives, say researchers.

Scientists looked at the health of more than 10,000 women over a 15 year period. They found that those who ate more plant foods, wholegrains and fish whilst eating less red or processed meat were more likely to live longer lives and be free of health conditions like heart disease.

Our Senior Dietitian Victoria Taylor said: “This study highlights that eating well isn’t a quick fix but a long term investment to help us stay well throughout our lives.

“It reinforces the existing research we have on the Mediterranean style diet that has linked it to a range of health benefits including longer life, a lower risk of heart disease and being helpful in maintaining a healthy weight.

"It also reminds us that healthy eating is about a whole diet and not just single nutrients. Rather than worrying about individual foods or nutrients, we should aim for a balanced diet rich in fruits and vegetables, pulses, wholegrains, fish and switching from saturated to unsaturated fats.”