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Nearly a third of UK adults are not likely to attempt CPR, putting lives at risk

16 October 2018

Nearly a third of UK adults not likely to perform CPR if they saw someone suffer a cardiac arrest, according to new figures released to mark Restart a Heart Day.

The BHF appoints new Associate Medical Director

10 October 2018

The British Heart Foundation has today announced the appointment of Dr Sonya Babu-Narayan as a new Associate Medical Director

Patients with heart and circulatory conditions are too embarrassed to talk about sex

10 October 2018

New findings reveal the devastating impact heart and circulatory conditions can have on many patients’ sex lives across the UK.

Genetic tool to predict adult heart attack risk in childhood

8 October 2018

An international team of scientists we helped fund have developed a genetic tool that can spot someones risk of having a heart at as an adult much earlier in life.

BHF scientists develop tool for spotting deadly sepsis in people who have heart failure

5 October 2018

Nearly one in four deaths in people with heart failure are caused by sepsis but our researchers have developed a way to spot patients who are most at risk

Celebrities say thank you to the UK's Heart Heroes at the British Heart Foundation awards evening

5 October 2018

The red carpet was rolled out on Friday 5 October for celebrity guests and inspirational British Heart Foundation supporters at a glittering riverside reception in the vaults of the Globe Theatre in London.

New study underway to find best treatment for wake-up stroke patients

4 October 2018

Researchers at the University of Leicester have been awarded £320,000 to study the best treatment for wake-up stroke patients. The clinical study will involve 200 patients from at least 10 UK hospitals.

Leeds researcher secures new funding to explore treatments for damaged hearts

3 October 2018

Scientists we fund at the University of Leeds are to explore how to repair the damage caused by a heart attack. Dr Andrew Smith and his colleagues have been awarded £97,000 to investigate how to grow new blood vessels by ‘turning on’ stem cells in the heart.

Scotland gets nationwide nurse service for deadly heart condition

3 October 2018

People across Scotland who are unknowingly at risk of dying from a fatal heart condition can now be better identified and treated thanks to a cardiac nurse service provided by funding from the British Heart Foundation (BHF) and the family of Sir David Frost.

50% of women will develop dementia, Parkinson’s or suffer a stroke in their lifetime

2 October 2018

New research suggests 50% of women will develop dementia, Parkinson’s or suffer a stroke in their lifetime